The Hullywood Scratch Orchestra

The Hullywood Scratch Orchestra is a makeshift group that I’ve now formed on two occasions through volunteer calls at the University of Hull, in order to help me bring my music to life on two separate projects!

Haunted Emotions (2018, Developer blog)

Flute I – Kirsten Macklin

Flute II/picc. – Sophie Newlove
Clarinet I – Fiona Butcher
Clarinet II/Bass Clarinet – Emma Laws
Alto Sax – Harry Dice
Tenor Sax – Cherrilee Warner
Baritone Sax – Robert Snow
French Horn – Sandy Clark
Trumpet/Cornet I – Alan Kay
Trumpet/Cornet II – George Marshall
Violin I – Helen Sugden
Violin II – Alex Dexter-Mills
Violin III – Sophie Nichols
Viola – Paula Bowes
Cello – Bethany Nicholson
Double Bass I – Thomas Field
Double Bass II – Thomas Ashford

Recording Engineers – Tallulah Vigars & Philip Jerromes
Recorded in the Duality Studio and Live Room, University of Hull.
Mixed in the Salmon Grove and Middleton Mixing Studios.


The Bowhead Shorts/The Icebreaker Cycle (2016)

Flute – Daria Poe

Clarinet – Rae Todd
Horn – Sandy Clark
Cornet – Harriet Eames
Harp – Lucinda Taylor
Violin I – Abigail Bracewell
Violin II – Helen Sugden
Violin III – Alex Dexter-Mills
Viola – Anna Kent
Cello – Bethany Nicholson
Double Bass – Euan McCandless

Recording Engineers – Alex Blythe & Philip Jerromes

Mixing Engineer and Music Editor – Arron Croft
Composer, Conductor, Producer, Music Editor – George Marshall
Recorded in the Duality Studio, University of Hull.
Mixed in the Middleton and Salmon Grove Mixing Studios, University of Hull.
Thanks also goes to my PhD supervisor, Dr Mark Slater, for his advice and feedback regarding the composition and production of the work.