Born in the steely UK town of Scunthorpe, in 1992, George Marshall grew up in the agricultural county of Lincolnshire living on a farm wedged between the scenic town of Broughton and the even more scenic back-side of the Scunthorpe Steel Works. Fortunately, for the local area, a 10-year old George decided big farm machinery and making girders was not for him and henceforth vowed the largest mechanical object he’d wield would be the modest tri-piston instrument otherwise known as the Cornet.

In 2010, after 6th-form education, George decided it was high time for him to see the wider world beyond Lincolnshire and so embarked on a Darwinian scale expedition, travelling over a mighty suspension bridge and into a mystical land known as Yorkshire and more specifically, Kingston-upon-Hull. It was here where he began his higher education at the University of Hull, studying Music. After developing such a huge fondness for both composition and chip-spice he decided to extend his education to a Masters Degree and then a PhD, which he attained a scholarship for in 2015.

While building a bigger brain to fill his balding head George has been a part of many projects that have spanned the concert hall, film and video-game industry. In 2013 he completed his first film score for a Barnaby Pictures short called GetAway (dir. J. Cobb). This was followed by two more Barnaby shorts in Corazon de Leon (dir. S. Caranicola) and An Interview with Batman (dir. J. Cobb) in 2014. All of which featured in various film festivals across the globe. In 2016 Kingston-upon-Hull became the UK’s City of Culture and one of the curtain-raising exhibitions, Bowhead (2016), at the Hull Maritime Museum saw George contribute 3 short movie scores in a collaboration spanning multiple institutions and numerous people. The two and a half month exhibition was visited by over 100’000 people.

Taking a momentary step back to 2015 George engaged in his first video-game collaborations with indie developers BetaJester and became a part of their 2016 Tranzfuser team that developed Here There Be Monsters, which featured at EGX2016. He then went on to contribute music to their 2017 Global Game Jam winning video-game, Antiphase, which was also taken to EGX2017 along with George’s second Tranzfuser collaboration on the game, Six Sided Slime from Outer Space. He has since then begun collaboration with a third indie developer on the game Haunted Emotions, for which he has composed and recorded several cues for earlier this year.

Including Haunted Emotions, George is working on another ongoing video-game project while also working towards the completion of his PhD in Music Composition.

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